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About "Masih"

for saxophone quartet

  • INTERVIEW BY ASTRID RIDER: Atelier für Neue Musik - Zu hören auf Radiofabrik. Interview with the composer Javier Torres Maldonado about his composition “High Over the Distant Horizon”, premiered by the Ensemble NAMES, commissioned by the Mozarteum for the 60th anniversary of the SEM (Studio für Elektronische Musik – Universität Mozarteum Salzburg).  LINK
  • INTERVIEW BY LUCIANA GALLIANO TO JTM: program of the concert dedicated to the music of the composer by the festival Milano Musica, 29/10/2006, only in Italian. LINK
  • ENTREVISTA A JAVIER TORRES MALDONADO (interview to Javier Torres Maldonado), by Camilo Irizo, Espacio Sonoro on-line magazine (only in Spanish). LINK
  • TECHNIQUE, AURA AND REALITY, interview with the composer by Makis Solomos: ENGLISH TRANSLATION - ORIGINAL (FRENCH) 


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