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Desde el instante 

three pieces for solo clarinet

Title of the work:  Desde el instante.
Composer: Javier Torres Maldonado.
Instrument: clarinet in Bb (the piece can be played in every instrument of the clarinet family: bass-clarinet, A-clarinet, Eb clarinet, including also the basset horn).
Duration: 6-7 minutes.
Publisher: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni - Milano (for a free copy of the score please contact me or send an e-mail to my publisher).
Year of composition: 2002. 
First world performance: Strasbourg, Théâtre des Lisières, 18.3.2003 - Jean-Charles François, clarinet.
Program note: link or download (rtf format).
Demo score (pdf): download.
Score (only with authorization

Desde el instante

program note

"This work consists of three pieces for solo clarinet where the central idea is to unfold a very simple and fleeting sound figure. Each composition reflects this criterion through which I sought to unveil a unique object; the moment in which every object is listened in its essential formule determine the end of each piece".

Javier Torres Maldonado


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