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Segundo libro del canto alado

for clarinet and string quartet

Title of the work:  Segundo libro del canto alado.
Composer: Javier Torres Maldonado.
Instrument: clarinet in Bb and string quartet. 
Duration: 9 minutes.
Publisher: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni - Milano (for a free copy of the score please contact me or send an e-mail to my publisher).
Year of composition: 2006, revision 2013.
First world performance: 07.03.2014, concert season: RENDEZ-VOUS CONTEMPORAINS, Eglise Saint-Merry, Paris. Performers: Ensemble Sillages. Concert recorded by Radio France. Diffusion dans les “Lundis de la Contemporaine”, une émission d’Arnaud Merlin.
Score (web definition - high definition, only with authorization)

Idiomatic translations

New chamber cycle and tour to the Festival Cervantino with the Dynamis Ensemble

A new version of the Segundo Libro del canto alado for clarinet and string quartet will be presented by the Ensemble Sillages on February 20 at the Petit Théâtre Le Quartz, Scène Nationale de Brest and on March 7 in Paris, in the Église de Saint- Merry. In the context of the project Libros del canto alado, which foresees an indefinite number of books written for different wind instruments in which virtuosity is an important characteristic, the second is dedicated to the clarinet and the string quartet. Just like the first, it is divided into four contrasting sections, each of which bears a title conjuring up a dreamlike or fantastic image (I. “Vuelo”; II. “Oiseaux sifflants”; III. “Morgenlied”; IV. “Aria [Im Windesweben I ]”). 

As happens in the first book, there are a series of references to other works of the composer: each one “recuperates”, so to speak, materials remaining from the compositional processes of other works. The Segundo Libro uses in particular the materials unused in Esferal for orchestra and electronics as well as some reminiscences from the Primer Libro itself. Torres Maldonado adds: «The first version of the Segundo Libro del canto alado was written in 2006, to mark the birth of my daughter, to whom the work is dedicated. Although a first, unpublished, version was played by the clarinetist Luis Humberto Ramos and the Cuarteto White in that year, a strong sense of self-criticism and self-censorship led me to write a second version. As happened with other pieces, for many years I avoided having it played. It was thanks to the insistence of Philippe Arri-Blachette and the Ensemble Sillages that this definitive version finally sees the light». 

Read the original article: Idiomatic Translations, (©2014, Edizioni Suvini Zeerboni, ESZ News No. 63, 02/2014, English, pdf).
Original article in Italian: Tralsazioni idiomatiche (©2014, Edizioni Suvini Zeerboni, ESZ News N. 63, 02/2014, italiano, pdf).

ESZ News 63, Febrero de 2014.

Books for virtuosi

New chamber cycle and tour to the Festival Cervantino with the Dynamis Ensemble

On August 31 the Festival of Contemporary Music in Akiyoshidai, Japan, included the first performance of the Primer libro del canto alado for piccolo, flute, flute in G and bass flute, played by Mario Caroli, the dedicatee. The composer says: «The work, which was supported by the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes in Mexico, constitutes the starting point of a project I began in 2005. The basic idea is to compose different “books” for various wind instruments, where technical virtuosity is used as a fundamental means of expression. The project intents to alternate pieces for solo instruments (odd numbers) with pieces where a main instrument is accompanied by other instruments (even numbers). So far I have written two books, whose titles are oneiric or fantastic. The first book consists of four short pieces, each written for a different instrument, but played by a single performer. The materials exposed at the beginning of the work are constantly transformed in the following pieces, almost to the point of being unrecognisable, especially between adjacent movements; this first book contains material that will be reused in the other books with odd numbers». The first performance of Segundo libro del canto alado for clarinet and string quartet took place on May 20 in the Auditorium of the Museo Nacional de Arte in Mexico City during the Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez. It was played by the clarinettist Luis Humberto Ramos and the Quartet “José White”. Another première will be given on October 7 by the Dynamis Ensemble conducted by the composer, in the Salon del Consejo Universitario of the University of Guanajuato, Mexico, during the Festival Internacional Cervantino. The work in question is Montuno y canto for two violins, to be played by Carlo and Dominique Chiarappa. The same concert will also include the Invención for violin, Interstizi for violin and ’cello, and Tiento for solo ’cello, the last two pieces for the first time in Mexico. The ’cellist will be Vittorio Ceccanti. Interstizi can be heard on October 9 again with Torres Maldonado and the Dynamis Ensemble, at the Teatro de las Artes in Monterrey, Mexico, during one of the most important festivals of the whole American continent, the International Forum of Cultures - UNESCO. On October 8 the composer will hold a masterclass on composition and new technologies at the music faculty of the University of Guanajuato. Fontane, an electroacoustic piece, was presented on June 6 at the Festival “Synthèse” in Bourges, France, during the project “H2O, l’eau”. Ventus Animae for electroacoustic system was premièred in Montbéliard during the event “Les vents des anches”, show performance by Pascal Contet (accordéon), Wu Wei, Carol Robinson and Tom Mays (live electronics), Xavier Lazarini (lights) and Christina Clar (sound engineer) on September 12. En el aire... for female voice and five players will have its first Italian performance on October 19 during the composition workshop held by Javier Torres Maldonado at the Conservatory of Monopoli, featuring Chiara Liuzzi voice, Giovanni Zonno violin, Luciano Tarantino ’cello, Daniele Palmisano flute, Angelo Giodice clarinet and Giana Iaffaldano piano. Hacia el umbral del aire for accordion and electroacoustics will be studied by the pupils during a workshop given by Germano Scurti “La fisarmonica nella musica contemporanea” on October 25, again at the Conservatory of Monopoli. From September 3 to 15, December 3 to 7 and December 14 to January 18, 2008 the composer will be in residence at the GRAME (Centre National de Creation Musicale) in Lyons to work on the electronic part of Sinfonía mixta, a work in progress for fifteen instruments electroacoustic system. Ad imitationem moduli for string trio, a reworking of a sonata by Scarlatti, will be part of the sound track for the film Intorno a Scarlatti. 12 variazioni tematiche su Domenico Scarlatti (production Al gran sole, Milan, directed by Francesco Leprino), played by D. Ceccanti (violin), Yasha Zats (viola) and V. Ceccanti (’cello). The film is being shown from March to December in various Italian cities, as well as in Spain and Portugal. One of the scheduled dates is December 15 at the Contempopratofestival

ESZ News No. 44, October 2006.


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